About us


We can it, 
So you can drink it, 
And everyone can enjoy it.

Determined to keep our bar in business during the lock down and always contemplating new ways to connect with our customers: we started to think about how we could deliver our hospitality (wich is always and forever our key focus) to people’s doorstep. Now more than ever, we all feel the need to relax, unwind and enjoy life. The idea for canned cocktails was already in the back of our minds for some time and after some trial and error, we made it work! Available for online orders, you can now enjoy your favourite drink at home. Already mixed to perfection, all you have to do is to pore it in a glass and you’re done.  We have selected a range of classics to suit everyone’s needs, every moment of the day.  Our canned classics are the perfect addition to any celebration.

Williams Cocktails