Behind the scenes

At Williams Cocktails, we know our classics.

We have been working very hard to create the perfect classics in a can. In mixology (the art of making cocktails) balance is always key. In a constant process of trial and error we have been testing and eliminating. Combing only the best ingredients and methods there are.


Jamil Sancha and Ben Lobos are in charge of product development, bringing years of experience to the table. Award winning Ben Lobos (Diageo World -Class Netherlands competition 2018) has many years of experience as a cocktail shaker and a hospitality manager of Dr. Rotterdam & Suicide Club. On top of that he is also an experienced brand manager who has worked with premium brands such as de Kuyper & Nolet.

Jamil Sancha has been an entrepreneur in hospitality for over a decade now. Before starting his own business, he worked as a bartender and manager of Level, one of the first well known cocktail venues in Rotterdam.

Williams cocktails Williams cocktails Williams Cocktails